Sunday, July 12, 2015

Wellington Women Walk for peace,

WWW4Peace Event Flyer 2015

I went to the New Zealand Chinese Association lunch and met with Belinda Bonzon-liu. She's with the Wellington Women Walk for peace, and I told her I am interested in her cause.

This is the beginning of her beautiful poem.

Sisters, We walk for Peace
For our children and our children’s children’s children
For scrubbing the anger out of our hearts
So we can wave a white flag
A flag of Humanity ,
Clean of blood
Clean of fear
Clean of division.
Our men have written our history of war
Created our weapons of death
Pouring money to run the river of blood,
Closing their hearts to the pain
Screaming from our wombs.

I had been involved with Shakti New Zealand when I brought an African oppressed woman to their help.

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