Monday, August 15, 2016

A 14-year-old girl with Down syndrome died choking

Loading Members of the Gloriavale Christian Community. Photo / Mark Mitchell

A 14-year-old girl with Down syndrome died choking on a piece of meat in Gloriavale Christian Community while shut in an isolation room.
Prayer Ready was in an isolation room with the door handles disabled to prevent people getting in and out when she choked on her dinner, according to a coroner's report into her death.

Monday, August 8, 2016


Media & Society

Looking back on a total shitter of a week for women in New Zealand

Alex Casey and Leah Damm recap the hellish events for women in New Zealand last week, including the Kuggeleijn case, The Chiefs’ behaviour and the curious case of Kevin Roberts.
Last week sent an incredibly scary sexist snowball through the country, trampling all of the women in New Zealand in its mighty wake. In less than five days, we were reminded that many people in this country still see our ambition as non-existent, our word as ignorable and our bodies as not our own. We’re hardly the first women to see the common ground between these events, so if you see us on the street and we aren’t smiling, it’s because we are one more news story away from going full Furiosa in Mad Max. Don’t test us.