Sunday, September 28, 2014

a bootie never worn.

A cute little doggie bootie,
A  bootie never worn.

Today I had an idea,
I will use it for my camera pouch.

Twenty five years ago, at 7am,
My little boy Andrew was born.

Twenty five years ago, at 8 pm
We were told he was dying.

Happy 25th birthday in Heaven.
You are forever in my heart.


Many mothers in my book was bereaved.

Krey Mo Kee preschool building, Thailand


Krey Mo Kee preschool building completed - February 2014

Another combined team from Mt Albert and CBC returned in February 2014 to plaster concrete block walls, add the doors & windows, line the interior, finish exterior flashings and painting and also to install a water supply to the toilets.

Kevin Honore : a field director with Bright Hope International

 Kevin Honore came to speak to us at Mt Albert Baptist Church.
 Gaby went with MABC team to Thailand.

Kevin Honore coming to speak to us. Kevin is a field director with Bright Hope International and has facilitated our work in Krey Mo Kee Village.  Check out the video of the new teacher we’re supporting at hilltribehope.

One of the best things about Mt Albert Baptist (and there are a lot to choose from!) is that it is a “going” church. In obedience to Jesus’ command that we “Go into all the world” (Matt 28), people from MAB regularly “go” into a massive variety of different places with the firm intention of both speaking of and demonstrating the love of God. Whether it be going to India to help women caught in the sex trade (like Rebecca McLeay working with Freeset) or going to your neighbour across the street; whether it be working together on a massive project (Love where you live) or working individually in the place God has called you, living out the mission of God is a big part of what it means to be Mt Albert Baptist. One of the spearhead projects in which this “Going” nature is seen is in our work at Krey Mo Kee village in Thailand. This week, we are privileged to have Kevin Honore coming to speak to us. Kevin is a field director with Bright Hope International and has facilitated our work in Krey Mo Kee Village.  Check out the video of the new teacher we’re supporting at hilltribehope.
 See you Sunday.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

wheelers books 

Books by Ann Kit Suet Chin-Chan

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From China to Borneo and Beyond

From China to Borneo and Beyond (Trade Paperback/Paperback)

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This is a hundred-year-old journal of two families, the Chans and the Kongs. It traces the first movement in 1907 from Kwang Zhou, China to the jungles of Borneo. It is a six-generational record with the second wave of movement to England, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Australia, USA ...
ISBN 9780473239008
Published 1 January 2013
Interest Age All ages

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Mail Order Bride

Mail Order Bride (Paperback)

  • RRP: $30.00
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This book is about the embodiment of the darker side of today's society.
ISBN 9780473254148
Published 1 January 2013
Interest Age All ages

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Cry of Oppressed Women

Cry of Oppressed Women (Trade Paperback/Paperback)

  • RRP: $30.00
  • $27.00
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Women suffers from oppression. This story traces the life of Nadine who overcomes her own problems of oppression, grows up to be a social worker and helps women who have suffered from physical and mental violence, domestic violence, rape, pornography, swinging, sex slavery, human ...
ISBN 9780473287153
Published 1 January 2014
Interest Age All ages

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Diary of a Bereaved Mother

Diary of a Bereaved Mother
This is a real life story of losing one's only son. This experience has made the author strong and caring. This tragedy has been a great help for her to help understand other bereaved people. The author is very brave to write this book. It has not been easy and she aims to touch,... read full description below.
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Quick Reference

ISBN 9780473187095
Published 1 May 2011
Format Paperback
Author(s) By Chin, Ann Kit Suet
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CV of mail order bride and oppressed women

First edition: July 2013 Fiction

ISBN: 978-0-473-25414-8

272 pages.

This book is the embodiment of many issues of the darker side of today’s society. Auckland city is chosen because of her cosmopolitan features, as well as the presence of immigrants, new and old. There are mail order brides from all over the world. This story could happen in any big city in the world.

" Mail Order Bride published in July 2013, it is about the darker side of today’s urban social issues such as obsession, mail order brides, murder, suicide, mother-daughter rivalry, child pornography, prostitution, modelling, fraud, childhood shenanigans, runaway street kids, anorexia, nervosa and teen pregnancy.

Published May 2014
ISBN  9780473287153

Women face many kinds of oppression through the centuries. The author takes you to a journey of modern day oppression.
This story traces the life of Nadine, a girl born to Indian parents. It embodies the issues of a Kiwi girl, Nadine, growing up in conflicting cultures and getting lost in her environment.
Nadine grows up to overcome her problems to help women who suffered from physical and mental violence, domestic violence, rape, pornography, swinging, incest, bullying, sex with minors, sex slavery and human trafficking.

"Very interesting and useful as a reference for my work"
                         Judy Dawson, counselor in Auckland, New Zealand. 

My other books Diary of a bereaved mother and From China to Borneo to Beyond are already in circulation in the Auckland city libraries.

All four books are in the Auckland University Library.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Teacher struck off over group sex event

I wrote a chapter of oppressed girl, but was advised against publishing it in my book. The case is not unlike this news article.


Teacher struck off over group sex event

Photo / Thinkstock
Photo / Thinkstock
An Auckland teacher who chatted online about sexually violating a schoolgirl and bringing her along to a group sex session to "let everyone have a go at a young girl" has been de-registered.
Neale Howe was convicted after an October 2013 arrest for making an objectionable publication under the Films Videos and Publications Classifications Act 1993.
He was caught after he chatted on an online dating website to a woman who was organising a group sex event.
His graphic and sexually explicit conversations -- most of which are too graphic to publish -- were outlined in a police summary of facts included in a Teachers Council decision.
Over several conversations, the teacher boasted about being in a sexual relationship with a girl, saying he was currently having sex with a 15-year-old.
He wrote "sexually explicit messages to [the woman], describing how he wanted to bring [the girl] to the group sex event and watch her being sexually violated by others at the event", the summary of facts said.
Howe also revealed his personal details to the woman, including his name, address, mobile phone number and the school he taught at.
He then forwarded photographs, which the woman believed to be a group of 12-year-olds, and encouraged her to guess which of the girls he wanted to have sex with next, the summary of facts said.
When the woman tried to move the conversations away from underage girls, Howe "continued to make comments about his desire to include [the girl] in a group sex situation with [the woman] and her partner".
One of the messages said: "[I] should email you and see if you can select which one [of the girls] turns me on hehehehe."
The woman reported Howe to police.
An investigation found the girl he referred to having a relationship with was just 13.
The girl confirmed she had received unwanted Facebook messages from Howe, who had sent her his mobile phone number and encouraged her to text message him.
No sexual content or abuse of the nature described by the teacher were found, police said.
"She described the defendant as being a bit weird and someone she did not like," the summary of facts said.
When Howe's school and home computers were seized, police found images of other school-aged girls, including those taken from their Facebook profiles.
He admitted to police he had made "sexually explicit comments about [the girl] and other underage girls" on the dating website chatroom, but said "it was just a fantasy and he had no sexual interest" in the girl or any other underage girls, according to the police summary.
Howe signed a consent memorandum drafted by the Teachers Council in which he accepted the charges were correct and his behaviour amounted to serious misconduct, the council decision said.
He was censured and had his teaching registration cancelled.

Gone Girl

Thriller is a genre of literature, film, and television programming that uses suspense, tension, and excitement as its main elements.

Suspense is a feeling of pleasurable fascination and excitement mixed with apprehension, tension, .

Once I had a discussion with my daughter Deborah about the distinction between a thriller and suspense. I came to my own conclusion that a thriller tells you what happens as you read, and a suspense tells you the answer at the end of the book.  Rightly or wrongly, I prefer suspense.

I was just finishing reading this Go Girl, taunted as Observer's Thriller of the year. I did not particularly enjoy the book, but as usual, I soldier on in reading a book unless it is really really bad. 

Then I watch an ad on TV about the movie, and showed Ben Affleck, who I really like.   OK, I read the book, I like Ben Affleck. But  will I go to watch the movie? My ears will hurt when there is too much vulgar language. I wonder why Gillian Flynn had to used all those language.

Stay mellow with yellow!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Isabel Allende. woman writer

Isabel Allende - 001.jpg

Isabel Allende (Spanish: [isaˈβel aˈʝende] ( ); born 2 August 1942) is a Chilean writer.[1][2] Allende, whose works sometimes contain aspects of the "magic realist" tradition, is famous for novels such as The House of the Spirits (La casa de los espíritus, 1982) and City of the Beasts (La ciudad de las bestias, 2002), which have been commercially successful. Allende has been called "the world's most widely read Spanish-language author".[3] In 2004, Allende was inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Letters,[4] and in 2010, she received Chile's National Literature Prize.[5]
Allende's novels are often based upon her personal experience and pay homage to the lives of women, while weaving together elements of myth and realism. She has lectured and toured many American colleges to teach literature. Fluent in English as a second language, Allende was granted American citizenship in 2003, having lived in California with her American husband since 1989.

Isabel's second book was written when her daughter died. She wrote about void, emptiness, darkness Just like Isabel, my first book brings someone to connect with me almost every day.  As a writer, the greatest accolade back from a neonatal nurse from the University hospital of Toronto. She said she read my book. The head of the NICU there gave her the book to read before she took up her position.

I would be a dream I won't ask if I can achieve a fraction of her success. I have already succeeded. Recently, a counselor/therapist read my 4th book, Cry of oppressed women told me she will use it as reference for her work.

My books as reference for professionals

Published May 2014

Women face many kinds of oppression.

A counselor/therapist  read my book and said she would use it as a reference for her work. This is the best accolade one can get from a professional. Cry is my second book where it is used.

Diary of a bereaved mother is used in a university hospital in Canada as a reference for professionals in neonatal intensive care.


Sunday, September 14, 2014

against domestic violence and child abuse.

The march in Wellington against domestic and sexual violence. Photo / John Weekes
The march in Wellington against domestic and sexual violence. Photo / John Weekes
Hundreds of people gathered for a march on Parliament in Wellington today to protest against domestic violence and child abuse.
Those participating in the lunchtime march included social workers, nurses, schoolchildren, students, and men like Wellington's Dave Currie, who said a culture of machismo and domestic abuse was causing "unbelievable and silent pain" across New Zealand.
Mr Currie told APNZ violence against women was among the most pressing issues in contemporary New Zealand and politicians needed to take the issue seriously.
Also at today's march was community worker Tristanne Dunlop. She said that at her organisation, Naku Enei Tamariki - which translates to "These are our children" - she had a caseload of 22 abused and neglected kids.
Ms Dunlop said she came to Wellington to show that family violence and child abuse should not be tolerated. "We see the repercussions it has on our children," she said.
The crowd marching down Lambton Quay towards the Beehive was largely female and although Mr Dunlop said the turnout was heartening, she'd like to see more men attend.
University student Madeline Ashton said a "cultural shift" was required for New Zealand men to stamp out domestic violence and sexual abuse.
Ms Ashton said it was "embarrassing" to see Rape Crisis centres shut down for a lack of funds and Women's Refuge facilities under financial strain.
She said domestic violence, child poverty and sexual violence were important election issues to many in the crowd - and politicians should take note. "Women's issues in general are very important in my decision..."
Ms Ashton said politicians and local authorities could take practical steps to address the issue, such as funding better lighting in areas such as university campuses where women were at risk of sexually-motivated attacks.
Another protester, a nurse called Elaine who declined to give her surname, said she was "the ambulance at the bottom of the hill" who had to address the legacy of abuse. She said schools should do more to teach children violence and domestic abuse were unacceptable. "Relationships need to be taught."
The lunch time protest ended outside Parliament at about 1pm.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Andrew's birthday month

On Sunday, a new friend gave me this lovely infinity scarf. I was chatting  with another friend when I  got this glow of fuzzy feeling. When I was pregnant with Andrew, I knitted a coat with a similar texture and colour. I wore it everywhere I went. It was stretchy just like this scarf, and I wore it even when I was 9 months pregnant.

I had forgotten about this purple coat until I chatted with Roz. Andrew might have died, but he is in my heart, and it was having him that I became a writer. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Supporting the Deaf in Kenya.

I used to support this when I was in Singapore. See my other post about Foodsale.
Neville Muir and Lil Muir.

Neville is the director of DMI.
Neville Muir. P.O.Box 395 Beaconsfield Vic. 3807 Australia. Tel: +61-3-9768-9844 Fax: +61-3-9768-9855
He is from Melbourne Australia, and Lil is from Norway.

The school is Oyugi School for the Deaf in Kenya.

ngopi:Habitat For Humanity ( and The A21 Campaign (

My daughter told me about this place where all profits went to charity.  It reminds me of the charity my friends and I ran for the Deaf Ministry in Kenya, but on a bigger scale.

I wish them all the best.

More than just a hangout place.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Domestic Purposes Benefit

Serious time.
"When she only 19, Paula Bennett was on the Domestic Purposes Benefit but was able to buy her own house in Taupo for $56,000, courtesy of Housing Corporation loan. Bennett said she'd worked part-time but that she "pretty much fell apart because I was exhausted and I WENT BACK ON THE DPB".
"But now she's a minister it's a different story" said Harawira.
"It was OK for Paula to go back on the DPB because it was too hard to survive,but it's tough luck for her sisters today.
"It was OK for Paula to get a Housing Corp loan back then,
but National made sure that it's no longer available today."
"It was OK for Paula to stay on the DPB to raise her daughter, but she's
making sure that young woman won't have that privilege anymore."
"It was OK for Paula to get a paid tertiary education back then,
but not today. In fact she was the Minister who abolished the Training Incentive Allowance."
"Paula Bennett basically set herself up in life with direct assistance
from the state,but now she's the Minister of Social Development, she's gonna make sure nobody else can ever get that kind of help"
"Her hypocrisy would be laughable, except it's so bloody tragic."
Hone Harawira Mana-Te Tai Tokerau MP

My character in Mail Order bride was on the Domestic Purposes Benefit and so were characters in Cry of Oppressed women.