Saturday, May 24, 2014

ABC Wednesday: Letter T for Trafficking.

 Daniel Walker, author of God in a Brothel.

Today, Daniel Walker came to talk about his work at Mt Albert Baptist Church. He founded Nvader. Daniel, an ex police officer with 20 years law enforcement experience shared his work documenting cases of human trafficking on behalf of International human rights organisation.

Daniel is partnering with Tear Fund in his work. 

NVader: Freedom from sex trafficking. Rescue, prosecute ...

I first heard him on Good Friday as I was finalising my book on Oppressed women. I have a chapter on human trafficking. I listened intently, my fiction is not so fiction and exaggeration after all.


  1. This is TRAGIC stuff.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday

  2. This is TERRIBLE and should have barbaric consequences as a result!

    abcw team