Saturday, January 9, 2016

Buchanan Rehabilitation Centre (BRC)

Today, I encountered a woman sitting on the steps of the premises of where I wanted to go. She was holding a shortish umbrella and I was worried she might hit me. She was a white woman, unkempt and her tights were badly laddered. I was thinking , here was an able-bodied woman asking for change. I avoided her.

Then I came back, small change won't hurt me, and I gave her some small change. I asked her where she lived and she replied, Buchanan Rehabilitation Centre (BRC). She kept saying thankyou.

I came home and googled. No wonder she was like this.

Buchanan Rehabilitation Centre (BRC)

Public Service
The Buchanan Rehabilitation Centre is a specialist 40-bed mental health, recovery focused, rehabilitation service which provides assessment, treatment and intensive rehabilitation combined with a high level of clinical support in a safe environment.
It is most suitable for people with persistent, active mental health symptoms and disabilities who have the potential to benefit from intensive rehabilitation.
BRC accepts referrals for people aged  between 17 and 65 years however the majority of people are aged between 20 and 30 years.
To be referred to BRC you  must live within the Auckland District Health Board (Central Auckland) and Waitemata District Health Board (West and North Auckland) areas.
The average length of stay is around 18 months although this is variable depending on individual circumstances.

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