Monday, July 28, 2014

NZ Loss and Grief Awareness Week Monday July 28th - Sunday August 3rd

In this book of fiction, I wrote of a drowning, it was a non fiction within a work of fiction. Anapesi lost her adult son to a fishing accident.

From candle lighting to rememberance walls, to concerts, bubble blowing and art!

 I just finished listening, and I agree with you about writing, the next day, when I was told my baby was dying, I got my friend to get me some writing paper, and I sat in that hospital room, and later in NICU, unable to do anything for my baby. I sat by his cot and wrote and wrote. That was the best advice my friend told me.

I had to repeat playing the introduction. This year, a pastor I know took his life, and I was shocked. When I listened to this, I asked , am I hearing right? 

I was upset, and I empathise with you. Writing down indeed worked for me, and I encourage people to write.

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