Tuesday, July 1, 2014

thinks he can escape Scott free by claiming diplomatic immunity.

I took a few shots to symbolised oppressed women for my book cover. This is one.

An idiot who is accused of burglary and assault with the intent to rape a young woman in Wellington.
thinks he can escape Scott free by claiming diplomatic immunity.

Documents released tonight appear to confirm New Zealand asked Malaysia to waive diplomatic immunity so a diplomat could be prosecuted here for sexual assault.
The documents, issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Mfat), show Malaysia refused the offer.
This contradicts claims today by Malaysia's Foreign Minister Anifah Aman that New Zealand offered diplomatic immunity to 38-year-old Muhammad Bin Ismail.
He is accused of burglary and assault with the intent to rape a young woman in Wellington.
Mr Anifah says the accused was detained on May 9, charged on May 10, and returned home with his family on May 22.
He claimed today that Malaysia was initially willing to waive diplomatic immunity but decided to take up New Zealand's offer to invoke diplomatic immunity and have him brought back home for investigations.
But in a note to the Malaysian High Commission in Wellington dated May 10, Mfat says the New Zealand Police believe it is in the public interest to prosecute the offences due to the serious nature of the alleged offending by Ismail.
In order for the police to proceed with the prosecution, the ministry sought from the Malaysian authorities a waiver of the personal immunity granted to Ismail under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and the personal inviolability granted under Article 29. 
The Malaysian High Commission wrote back to Mfat on May 21 saying the Government of Malaysia will not waive the personal immunity granted to Ismail and has decided he should be repatriated to Malaysia as soon as possible.
The High Commission asked for all charges against Ismail to be withdrawn and all documents on the case sealed. It assured Mfat that the Malaysian Government will ensure Ismail does not return to New Zealand in the future.
This afternoon, a High Court judge in Wellington lifted an interim order suppressing Ismail's name after media outlets including TVNZ sought an urgent appeal to get the order lifted.
The lawyer representing media said the suppression order was pointless given the Malaysian Foreign Minister was preparing to identify him.
Foreign Minister Anifah said a defence ministry panel will investigate Second Warrant Office Ismail, and "stern action will be taken" if he is found guilty.
Anifah said the accused will be sent back to New Zealand "if it is absolutely necessary." This would be if New Zealand requests it or if its government thinks the Malaysian investigation is not being conducted properly.
Sticking to his version
In an interview with ONE News tonight, Mr Anifah reiterated his statements earlier in the day.
He said that in correspondence on May 12, Mfat and New Zealand police asked Malaysia to take Ismail back by May 30. He said Malaysia "duly accepted" the option to take him and investigate him further in Malaysia.
"But we have not categorically stated that we do not want to waive the diplomatic immunity, because diplomatic immunity is not a licence for Malaysian diplomats to commit crimes overseas," he said.
"And we have faith in the judicial system of New Zealand and I will not hesitate to waive the diplomatic immunity if it comes to the juncture."

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