Friday, August 8, 2014

The ordinary: fences

In this book, I described some houses like this.

 Fences screaming,
Go away,
Get off my property.

Fences screaming,
mind your business,
I mind mine.

Fences screaming.
There is something sinister.
I wonder what?

Is it a hydro house?
Is it a home imprisonment?
Is there something unlawful?

I lament the time when I was growing up,
we just cross to our neighbour's house.
Gone is such a bygone era.

I am glad, I still live in a house like this.
I am glad, I never lived in a fence in house.
I would feel claustrophobic.

The Ordinary [Friday My Town Shoot Out] [Link-Up]

Sometimes the best things in life are the ordinary and small happenings. This Friday share something ordinary from your town that delights you every time.


  1. the fence with tree branches protruding around it,that's something non ordinary! not a common sight like this, such a beauty in my eyes. And yes I'm back again to photo-blogging, but no daily post this time.

  2. There is a well-known poem that says 'good fences make good neighbors'. But I know what you mean too. I also grew up in a neighborhood where we kids had the run of everybody's yard .... no boundaries and we loved it. Times have changed though everywhere I think.